A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol is the SMASH HIT sequel to the award-winning musical comedy, Don't Hug Me.

It's Christmas Eve in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota when cantankerous bar owner Gunner Johnson gets in an argument with his wife, Clara. He tells her he's skipping Christmas, storms out of the bar, goes snowmobiling across the lake, falls through the ice, and goes into a coma. He comes back in his dream where he's visited by folk legend, Sven Yorgensen, who plays the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future. Sven takes Gunner (Scrooge) on a journey similar to that in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" only very different. Will Gunner come out of his coma and find redemption with Clara at The Bunyan? Find out.

Featuring 17 original songs including: "Gramma Cut the Christmas Cheese," "Gunner Fell Into an Ice Hole," "The Wheel is Turnin' but the Hamster is Dead," "I Love You More Than Football," "Stuck in a Chimney," "The Bunyan Beguine," "I'd Rather be Naughty" and more.

DON'T HUG ME XMAS CAROL - Stage number by: Stan Mazin


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